Planting in california

A question from a fellow grower:

I have received my order, and I am so excited! I want to know when the best time is to plant these seeds. I live in the High Desert of California, and we are experiencing a very early Spring! I know that in His wisdom the good Lord set into motion for all seeds 3 things…time, temperature, and light. Well this year the time and light are still the same as other winters, however the temperature is much warmer than usual. The nights remain hovering just above 40 degrees, while the daytime hits high 70’s and low 80’s.
About 3 weeks ago, I put some seeds (not yours) into a small greenhouse box that I have, (about 18 in long, and 10 in wide with little glass panels that fog up wonderfully from the hot house effect) and out of 10 only 2 came up, and as fast as they came up, they were down. No, I did not leave the box outside for the night, I would bring it in before the sun went down, and take it back out as the sun came up. Consistently. I am growing in pots, outside, because nothing beats the desert for sun, warmth, and beauty~~~Just add water! I start the seeds in peat pots, in the little greenhouse box that I have and then those pots go into larger pots after the seedling is established, the final pot is a large pot that can hold its own with water and soil, because of the heat we have here.
Well, now that you have the majority of the facts maybe you can make a suggestion before I plant my order from you.

Where I live, outside planting starts about May 1st because mother nature will surely give one last freeze, no matter how high the temps have gotten.
Starting the seeds is difficult enough, don’t lose them for lack of patience. Find your state or zone and see when you can plant outdoors with safety.