Planting in August

I live in high desert at about 4500 ft. I’ve planted last two years in August. Plants start to flower within a month as daylight is only about 9 - 10 hrs a day. Weather depending they can stay in ground till beginning of Nov., but only about 8 hrs of daylight by then.
I’m just growing bag seeds, females only. Do they go into flower because of less than 12 hrs light? If so, can I also use artificial light during first 4 - 6 wks to extend veg. stage and get bigger plants?

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Yes A lot of people do this…
Someone told me they had used the street lamp light to keep in veg a little bit longer…


I there a reason you can’t plant them a few weeks earlier? @rod57

Yes. We spend most the summer away and don’t get home till then.

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Thats a great reason! @rod57

Are you planning to use the lighting outdoors? How close are your neighbors? Just wondering if additional outdoor lighting would attract unwanted attention? @rod57

It does not take a huge amount of light to keep them from flowering. If you put up a HPS security light it doesn’t have to be right above the plants. They just need to “see” it. They won’t grow under that light but they won’t start flowering until they get less than 14 hours of light daily. So they will grow with 8 hours of daylight and not flower. Then at some point you keep your security light off and they do flower.

Fortunately you can setup most security lights not to run when it is light out and then be on full-time for say 6 hours. Just like a regular security light, so it does not look suspicious. Or make it 8 hours to be safe.

So they need to “see” light for 14 hrs to stay in a veg. state? I thought they just needed 12 or more. Makes sense as we still have a little more than 12 hrs sunlight till sometime in September. With mountains to the east, and buildings on the west side the plants only get about 8-9 hrs of direct light, but they see light for approx. 12 hrs.Does the light need to be from a good source (i.e. hps, merc halide) or can it be a led flood?

You can also break dark night with a light for only 10 minutes in the middle of dark cicle. Read ’ gas lantern tecnical ’ in some web places. you can save electricity and be safer!

If the sun is up from 7 to 5, that’s 10 hours of light and 14 hours of dark. It doesn’t have to be direct sun light, shade counts for photoperiod.

Plants can still flower if they see moonlight, so it has to be brighter than that. Like Teddy says, you can just shine a bright light on them for 10 minutes at midnight, and that will keep them from flowering. They need real night-like darkness for 12 hours at a time to flower. The light period does not matter, just the dark.

So how much time do I need to give them in flower? Our first freeze is usually mid/late Nov., but possible anytime around end of Oct. I can cover them overnight to protect from minor freeze. Still 60s during day.