Planting germinated seeds

Hey guys…so I was planting seeds germinated in paper towel …and I think I got a bit late and some had broken their shell already…so the question is how do u plant

  1. seeds that have ony roots coming out shell still intact (regular I guess)

  2. seeds that have completely broken the shell and have a stem(?? Leaf ) coming out

  3. seed with partially open shells

Basically my question is do the leaves have to be above soil in the 2nd situation? So we plant half and half (half below soil for roots and half above??)
What about in 3 rd situation …does the half broken she’ll go under or over the soil?
Attaching a pic for reference

Thanks !



One and three are perfectly normal just plant in slightly moist soil 1/4 - 1/2 inch deep with tail down. Two I’m not sure, I would plant the whole root underground and leave the cotelydons (leaves) just above the soil. Like a cm or so. Might want to get a more veteran opinion on that guy, but that’s what I’d do.


I agree with @Eagles009