Planting along side railroad tracks & Is Marijuana DEER RESISTANT?

Years ago, it was said that cannibis grew along the railroad tracks in South Texas alongside blackberry bushes. I need to know if anyone had success in raising marijuana plants on a fence row, near a pond, on a path or edge woods,or a field?And Is house, is marijuana DEER resistant? Thanks

Deer eat marijuana when it’s young, or so I have heard. No real experience though.

They love the young juicy plants. Many critters like to nibble.

I can just picture a deer coming in for a nice tender cannabis snack when WHAM! Bambi gets hit by a train. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


Nice visual! prepubescent girls are crying everywhere!


Seriously, what to you think about planting in random nature areas?

I say go for it.

Pick a few spots a few Miles away from each other and try it out.

Eggs in one basket kind of thing

If you’re going to gorilla grow, please respect other outdoor cultivators and only plant females. :+1:


Ditch weed?

Used to plant in corn rows when I was a kid and the deer were our biggest nemesis. They had all that damn corn to eat but snacked on the bag seed weed. As crude as it sounds, pissing around the plant did help.


And adds nitrogen too.


Sounds like a good way to get meat for snacks after smoking that querilla weed.


That looks like dried shit.

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Dirt weed ?

Road side kill strain, it grow alongside road kills… Look like it sit in the sun for to long…

Get a drill with a 3/8 bar drill a hole in that
100lb or 50lb test line use 5gal buckets and raise them up in a tree and then you won’t have to worry about deer and teenagers and mushroom hunters. But keep a eye out for trail cams and set brush to cover where you screwed and tied the line to the tree and remember what it looks like if it’s moved circle around and check for cams they will have you dead to rights with pictures of you watering and feeding know 3 or 5 ways to get in and out because a routine to the middle of nowhere make people wonder why is that guy here every 3 days what is he doing in the woods by the train tracks.
Hope this helps you with some ideas


I had a deer top a plant for me last year but plant done okay. I have had them eat on Young plants that could not recover. With all the great lights and technology today inside grow will spoil you. Good luck

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I have heard that putting cedar moth balls around ur grow area outside will deter deer and rabbits from munching ur plants. They are not bright white like normal moth balls, they are brown so they will be camoflauged in the ground

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Mummy weed-Tutankamin

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Go on amazon look up Imust deer repellent it’s ready to use and it works I have used it before to keep dear away from a garden

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