Planted seeds 2 weeks apart and have a question

A little background. I planted 6 seeds on April 14th and ended up losing all but one. I made a previous post on the forum and received some good info to prevent that from happening in the future. Two weeks later, on April 27th, I started 3 more seedlings and they sprouted on the 30th. My question is, plant 1 should be ready to veg in another week and a half or so and the rest wont be ready for another 2 weeks after that so what would be the best way to handle that scenario? Can I keep plant 1 on the 24 hour light schedule while the other 3 “catch up”?

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Your plants are pretty much in veg once they sprout leaves. For all intensive purposes you have a seedling (no true leaves only cots) vegging plants (plants creating vegetation/vegetative growth) and flowering (developing flowers). With a small period between veg and flower that the plants are identifying conditions for flowering and transition from one stage to next.

Short answer is you shouldn’t really have to do anything outside of a typical grow plan. If these are autos you will likely have 1 plant flowering before the rest. If they are photoperiod plants you will still grow then until you are ready to flower them, then just change light schedule. It’s most likely that the first plant will just be a little larger than the others, but not 100%. A lot can happen in short period of time. Keep them healthy and you’ll be on your way.