Planted in the end of july!

Soooo im from east texas got into sum trouble so now im stuck at the house all day one of my buddies came to visit and he left sum seeds from his bud remind u im in texas so trashy weed is most likely what comes my way and its cheap herminated the seeds in a napkin all of them sprouted planted all of them out of the 15 i have 8 left certain problems alot of mistakes on my part they are doing really great now i oeep reading that in august October are the best time to cultivate your grow whats gonna happend to my babies they get about 7 hours of direct sunlight or more they are outside it freaked me out how healthy they got after so much damage i did anybody got advice

You will find that marijuana is a hardy plant and is very hard to “kill”. you will need to move inside because of temps/ winter. If plants were “autos” no problem

Thanks for the reply i brought them inside tonight just cus it was chilli
it says its 73 degrees but it deels like 65 to me how cold can it be
outside for me to leave them out there i dont wana be bothering them
everynight and i wanet to know if u or anyone else can tell what sex they
are or i gotta wait sum more time

they look like female plants !!!


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I am adding four links. The grow bible you can down load and the guides.
The seed bank is awesome

Hope this mall helps


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