Plant won't flower


I am in my 8th week of flower and my plant hasn’t developed past tiny little buds, it has hundreds of them but not maturing. I am at a loss and don’t know whether the strain I got is crap or I messed this one up all by myself.

I am running recirculating dwc 5 gal buckets with GH Flora base nutrients + CaliMag + Hydroguard

This baby is over 6’ tall in a 48x48x80 tent kept in the mid 70’s.



She was fed with way to much nitrogen she has severe nitrogen toxic symptoms and at this point is more than likely beyond savable, in flower they need less nitrogen and more p-k. Potassium and phosphorus will swell your buds however at 8 weeks in flower id pull her and start another one @MarineDaddy


I believe she is done for… In Hydro less is more… I believe you have cooked her As @Majiktoker has stated… sorry my friend better luck next time …



You shouldn’t be using CalMag during flower it is calcium Nitrate (N) I see no mention period of ph or lighting so I will wait on that info


No need it would be close to harvest at this point might as well start again


I did not know this …so in flower you should stop using Cal Mag …what about the first 3 weeks of stretch when the plants really produce foliage. …



In soil Cal will be available in soil for atleast that in DWC using GH flora series the Micro has more than enough in it during flower after stretch it is just wasted ppm and extra N


To me it looks like a faulty or uncalibrated ph meter and straight over fed if it did come back any it would most likely hermi


Yeah I just changed from soil to hydro so I’m a little new when it comes to hydro , that’s why I’m kind of picking your brain …I’m running dwc some are recirculating and some are single buckets… but either way that’s good information to know and yes I’m using the GH Nutrients with Cal Mag , hydroguard , orca and Diamond nectar…



5.8 - 6.5 ph
600 watt hps
ppm meter is shot


Are clones take from her a few weeks ago worth keeping?


They should be fine you just have to treat them differently this time around and I’m sure you will have better luck now that you know that they need less nutrients…I tend to work with strains for years to get them perfected…



As long as they take Root they will be just fine but you really need to get a new PPM meter especially if you’re in Hydro…



Thank y’all so much, it has been a rough month or so.


As long as they weren’t burned severely when you took them, of so than its gonna be a challenge to root them


5.5-6.2 (5.8) is optimum anything higher and your plants get mostly N
are you using GH feed chart? I agree with Majiktoker they won’t recover without getting hacked to nothing and revegged which takes months and can result in hermi anyway if you have clones keep them I will give you a hand getting you back on track.
That’s assuming they are rooted and healthier than the mother even rooted would be work able


Explains why you are watching my thread lmao


So now that you got me figured out I’m going to have to pick your brain LOL…
But honestly after my years in soil I don’t think I’m doing too bad in hydro …I haven’t had to make Any 911 calls in the middle of the night yet and everything seems to be pretty on par , but at the same time I tend to think I under fed and then I overfed which created a big problem on one of my runs… which made me look more carefully at the others… so at this point in time I’m not doing too crazy and I’m not too worried… but I will definitely be picking your brain some more LOL… if that’s fine with you anyways…



All good less is more is always best approach have to remember in DWC they always have nutrients and if they drink fast they also eat fast better safe than sorry.