Plant Weeps in the Dark

I have two plants, same strain and seed bank. In the morning before the lights come on one of the plants has droopy/weeping limbs. After about an hour it perks up. Has anybody noticed this before? The other plant is alwys erect.


Drooping around lights on or off is perfectly normal.


Yup, Midwest got ya covered. I have 2 GG & a Blueberry, and both GG get the droops every night before lights off. Guess they like bedtime.


I’ve grown to GG and both drooped before lights out, but quit doing it during flowering.

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Every plant I have ever run this done that. Think about it this way you go limp when you go to sleep :grin::rofl::rofl:

Some of them like to rest after a long day under the lights. I also have notice that when they are not fed properly they tend to go down at night. But that’s is just my observation on my grow.


Just sleeping. Time to wake up and eat!!

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This is a GG

You keep letting light in from being a peeping Tom and your gonna cause your plants to herm. Then you will be weeping.

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Yeah that’s a heart breaking situation. Had mine do it last run but out of 5 plants only found 3 seeds @2GreenThumbs

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Toss them seeds