Plant turning to seed, any advice

Question from a fellow grower: i got an issue with one of my guys , seems like it’s turning into
seed, don’t know whats going on the others turned out ok but this guy
doesn’t look right . Suggestions ? wwseed

Cigars all around. It’s a bouncing baby boy

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You’ve got a male, get rid of it.


some one at the factory messed up I guess, guess vasectomy is in order or burn at stake

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Wow don’t let him fertilize your “girls” you want virgins!

got the vasectomy scheduled he’ll be shooting rubber bullets instead of heat seeking missiles

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Those aren’t seeds , those are pollen sacks . Take that plant outside and burn it before it pollenates your other plants . Be careful not to shake any pollen loose from those pods . Yikes…do it now !


That’s exactly right. That guy doesn’t look right. Take him out back, say a prayer and light a match. Unless you want seeds from your females and not dank buds

Welcome to the site @chocka. Im guessing you are the original poster? I agree with everyone else. Burn his butt

Save it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Use the pollen to create new seeds by taking a small paint brush to small buds on female plants. Make your own crosses. Care should be taken with new seedlings from the seeds you make as 50% will be males also. All this male hated…#metoo :crazy_face:

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Im all for pollenation and breeding your own meds. Just i agree. Male plants have NO BIZNESS in your flowering tent :joy::joy::joy:


thanks ,hated to destroy it but 1st time seeing a guy plant didn’t know if it was mutant or something I was doing wrong. Think do for a 1 seed credit from ilgm.

Get rid of it, or it will infect all your plants Sorry