Plant turning male?

First poster here! Wanted to say “Hi” :grin: and thank upfront for any answers.

So I have two plants in a closet.

Plant A) Still grows, didn’t start flowering.
Plant B) The one on the pictures has flowered and shows those “sacks” some with pistils, some without.

Now I’m wondering if I should get rid of it, to save the other one. Is it turning male? Or should I leave and observe it :thinking:

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Welcome to the forum @MaslaQ

To me it just looks like a larger Calyx not a male pollen sack. Is there a reason you think it has gone Hermie? Has the plant been put under stress? Others I am sure will weigh in.


Looks fem to me as well


Indeed, it got into stress. The main stem broke in half 0.6mm down the plant. After that the plant started it’s flowering (24 days ago).

Both plants were growing equally, but after that incident the one that broke slowed a lot and became midget.

It’s my first grow :person_facepalming: I was training to rough, made a mistake, learned a lesson :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is it an auto or photo?

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Auto, northern lights in dwc

Auto’s do not like to be stressed. Did you repair the break with tape? Is it now healed? I would just keep an eye on it. IMO it does not look hermie.

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Welcome to the community @MaslaQ!!

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Yes I did fix it the same moment it happened. Tied it up with a wire for two weeks and it healed.

I had an eye on it since then, thats why I’m asking what are those “sack” like looking thingies :slightly_smiling_face: the moment I noticed it.

I’ll follow up on your advice and keep her as she is. Still… keeping a close eye on those small little mystery pouches. :grin:

Thank you all for your feedback!