Plant turned male? What to do with it?

2 White Widow feminized plants, in third week of flower. Took them out to trim them. Noticed pods, bananas, pollen, etc.

Thought it was just one branch, chopped it off. Then another. And now see this every where.

I’ve isolated the plant in a spare tent, but I have no climate control to set up there. Just a spare light and a fan. No carbon filter exhaust, humidity control etc.

This plant was killing it. Of the two plants this one was way more developed, lots of bud and colas for this stage of development. So sad… I’m really kind of devastated. I thought the sex was showing way before in veg. I also thought male parts would be easier to see. But they tucked under budss etc. I wasn’t really looking for this, I thought it was female since a long time ago.

I’ve read so many different things, etc. How could I miss this?

Anyhow, here are the photos.

These are the two plants. Huge one to the right with all the buds is the spoiled one!

Here are some close ups of the problem:


Those are nanners, your plant hermied on you. Usually caused by stress during flower or a light leak of some type. You mentioned no exhaust in tent,that’s a good thing. You need to get that plant as far away from your other girl as possible. It will pollinate any other plants nearby.


Could that stress be from too much light by any chance? At one point, that big plant got too close to the light, that’s why I have a spare tent, I bought a new one so I could raise the light.

Shit, so, if this hermied from stress it means I fucked something up. This plant was my pride and joy. This is my first grow ever BTW.

Can I do anything useful with this plant now?? Or is it garbage? So sad.

Smoke it, make wax something… Had that issue on a few Strains with heat stress before…

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@Bulldognuts nailed it. On a side note you will get real good at spotting those nanners. Bit of a downer. If you can get it completely isolated you might get something off it but you would have to pick the nanners off and you could end up with a plant full of seeds or pollen everywhere. A fan in beside it will only help to broadcast that pollen so tread carefully. Look for neon lights on your equipment and get the black tape out to cover them up. Check vents etc to make sure you don’t have light leaking in and only go in to your tent when the lights have came on