Plant Training of Auto Flowers

For that much growing, I would refer you to @Myfriendis410 @peachfuzz @Grandaddy013 @BigDaddyCain
@Not2SureYet @Nicky

Some of them do 5’ x 5’ scrogs with one plant pulling in 2-3 lbs easy.

I can tell you one thing, the initial setup can be a little challenging. Other than that, if you ever grow hydro, IMO, you’ll ever grow back… lol :rofl::joy::rofl:

There are options too. You can either go full hydro or you can go auto pots, ebb and flow. Either will give you good results along with training.
Good luck!! :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:


thank you Spy…apricate the information.

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great info and nice job on the journal!

You can grow one plant huge, or several smaller ones. With the smaller ones, it talked less veg time.


Hi Grandaddy013… Thank you for responding. Please tell me how. Only at this a year and its been sort of a struggle. First grow bad…way over fed, Second grow ZKittles was great. 3 grow (current) with GG AF, planted 20 and only 10 came up. Nothing different all kept in the same conditions. These plants just don’t look right. My 5 Banana K’s planted at the same time really look good and growing well… Maybe its the strain? This is my first try at auto flower, however, all parameters are the same between the different strains, BK good GG AF not so good? You think the seeds could have been bad? Really puzzled.

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This is my Gorilla Glue coming down tonight. I have never grown autos, but will be glad to help anyway I can, justask


Lesson learned. Two weeks ago I took one of my BK AF and planted it outside in my trees. Its was growing good. Figured I’d start training. Here’s where it gets interesting.

The stem felt very hollow. I bent it and it almost broke in two… Not good. Luckily I grabbed a metal stake and yarn to support the broken piece and tied it up so it was straight.

Got to thinking that it would probably die…so why not experiment…I got my root hormone that I use for clones. Used a small eye dropper and gently bent the plant so I could address the break. I carefully applied the root hormone to the effected area. Made sure it was secure to the stake and prayed for the best. In less than 5 days you couldn’t see the fracture and she is starting to shoot the tops you FIM. Probably give her another week and remove the stake and untie her and let her go.

Bad situation with a positive result. Something that worked for me.

Awesome sir!!! Holy COW!!!

Awesome sir!!! Holy COW!!! Been really fortunate with the FEMS. My ZKittles were nice. Not this nice but nice as I hone my techniques in soil.

Really interested in the Hydo. I’m going sub terrain for my next grow and want to purchase a complete system which I have been researching. With what I have for soil and what I need to use up I’ll use in my current tents, I will purchase 2 more 4x8 tents just for hydro. I have all the lights/fans ect. just need the tents and hydro system. Then the media, chemicals and water parameters needed to be successful.

I have already drawn out my footprint to scale for making this work. I just don’t want to fail due to things I don’t know about hydro. Just want healthy grows.


I grow autos tag me with any questions you have, don’t have the time to read every journal right now unfortunately.
Happy growing!


Thank you