Plant training advice

Hey guys

I’m about to start training my plants, but just wanted to make sure it’s safe to use cut lengths of a wire coat hanger or can I use galvanised steel staple nails to hold the branches in place? Asking mainly cause I don’t wanna infect the plant or something from the wire or galvanised steel

Anyone have ideas of what I can use ?

The photo I’ve attached is an example of what I’m trying to explain what I want to do haha



I use plant and garden ties. Comes in a roll of 50 ft. Bout 10 bucks in most garden centres. This one was $5.

And it’s reusable and won’t hurt ur plants. :v:
Hope this is of use to you @RedcrabOz.
Nice manifold by the way. :+1:


Thanks mate :+1:t4:

Yeah I had them soft ties in mind already, just wanted to see if wire coat hanger or something similar would work. More just me being lazy and not wanting to go to the hardware store haha


Oldguy shares valuable information. Several types of plastic coated wire are available.
Online search will show many.

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@Bloodclot some info for you:
I’ve used wire ties successfully taped to outside of pots but the plant ties are much better


If you are wanting to manifold your plant, regular coat hanger wire will be fine as staples. You can do the rest with the flexible plant ties. I use drop ceiling wire (hot-dipped galvy) with mine all the time.

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Thanks for info guys!

Try using 1mm diameter copper wire, just wrap it around the stem and you can bend the branch any way you want.