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oh and with regard to auto pots . im between jobs right now so cant rlly change anything but if i could a dang sure would try those autopots. the 4 pots i have empty are using natures living soil concentrated autoflower so i amended 25 gallons of soil with 5 lbs . it says no nutes needed but im still gonna use bloom during flower

@Foeshamer. How’s it going my friend.? Hope all is treating you well. I think they call them mountains…cuz here in the Midwest that’s about all the “mountains” were going to see around here. Heck…in Kansas and Iowa they call the pitchers mound a mountain. Lol jk. But anyway…please keep me informed and updated and your grow. I just stumbled across that Nature’s living soil stuff and was very intrigued. I was thinking along the lines kind soil but noticed with the Nature soil you didn’t need near as much. The kind soil was 3 weeks behind in delivery, and I’m starting my next grow this wknd and didn’t want to wait. My first grow I did FFOF on bottom of pot and FFHF on top half of pot. I just want to try few didn’t soils and find one that best suits me. I like the ideal of water only. The reason I didn’t go with the Nature’s soil, is I read all reviews and they all say the stuff is freakin awesome, but…the smell is horrible x 10. Lol. Most recommend mixing up pots and then letting them sit outside for about a week and it helps with smell. So tell me…how bad was it. I didn’t have the time to have it delivered, then wait another week for it to lose so smell. How far along are you in grow? What’s your overall,opinion of the soil so far? Did you buy online or locally? I’d appreciate any and all feedback you can give me, I’m very interested in soil and thought it was ironic that I just read about it last week…and here you go talking about using it. :+1::grin:. Thanks again…good luck in the garden and stay medicated my friend :exploding_head:

the soil does indeed reek horribly. however 4 days later i only smell it if i stick my nose right over the pots . i havent started growing in it yet. i have 4 seeds germing now to put in it . i did as directed i added 1 lb to each pot then filled to 1/3 but i did half instead mixed then filled top half with b;ack gold moisture lock coco blend all organic. i ordered online took 7 or 8 days to arrive…it really does smell something fierce but like i said the smell dissipated after a few days . i have waterd the soil for the second time now and so it shold be ready for the seeds in a cpl days they just split this morning so wet papertowel and a baggie they went just waiting for tails now. will definitely keep you posted… trying to stay medivcated but we had some financial booboos happen and so cant rlly purchase meds but i am trying to get a lil as i made 300 dollars overnight last night . just had to pressure wash a parking lot lol .

That’s why we all are growing our own. Lol. Tired of paying for it and having to rely on someone else. Shit man…,wish ya lived closer, I’d help a brother out. Please do keep me posted. Would love to see the outcome and your thoughts along the way.

definately . currently my thoughts are ive been too obsessive and overmanipulated a cpl of them the next four will be lst only more than likely im on day 25 i just counted.

one has decided to show hairs 2 days ago and today is getting either trichs or stubble whatever u wanna call it on the leaves so here we go :slight_smile: all other still vegetative . struggling with germing the next run and som seeds just i guess rott away or whatever not sure but sifted soil couldnt findem lol

heres pics from this mornin

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Nice spread. You will have lots of bud sites! Good work on the LST.