Plant tipped during storm and buds got packed with dirt and mud

While I was away on vacation a storm blew through and tipped one of my plants. Now two thirds of the almost mature buds are packed with dried mud, gravel, sticks, etc. I’ve tried compressed air and spraying them out with a shower wand but they still have a BUNCH of crap in them. I clipped one lower bud and tried a hydrogen peroxide bath which helped some but still not great. Any suggestions?


You’re probably going to have to soak them for a while in just water or it wouldn’t hurt if it had peroxide. How close to ready are they?

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Thanks! They are probably a week or two out from harvest.

I was asking because if they weren’t ready to cut you might be able to lay them down into a trough and let them soak for a while and just shake them a little every once and a while then stand it back up and let it finish… or just cut them down and do the same thing and dry them

Welcome 2 the community. I got the same problem right now but my plants got attacked. Since they are outside I do bud wash any way, so I’m letting them ride out and hopefully survive. I already sprayed them down with water and all

Just rinse with water and gently shake the debris out it won’t hurt the plant. Keep rinsing and shaking til the dirt loosens up and rinses out. It will be ok.

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Thank you all for the kind words and advice. I noticed the other night when I was watering that the buds are starting to mold. I’m thinking bud rot caused either by the humid cool VA weather this time a year or the contaminates from all the dirt packed into the buds or both. So I carved out all the mold I could find and am hanging it to dry now. One other question. I know what I have drying right now is susceptible to mold still. If I have a partially dry branch that looks like it’s snowing when I shake it, is that mold spores I’m seeing? Thanks again for your help.

Sorry to read about the mud and mold issues.
I had bud rot and didn’t wash. I just trimmed off what was bad and went from there.
You can officially call this weed dirtweed.LOL