Plant Tanking a bit

Thanks for the tag and kind words @Budz
@Mark0427 could be right, we tend to only trust 3 brands of PH meters Hanna, bluelab or Apera the rest are generally junk. They also need to all be calibrated once a month.

While growing in soild the idea is to void run off until one starts feeding nutrients. To find a soils PH or ppm a soil sample is what is needed, with distilled water (YouTube it)

Soils will feed generally until early flower, then the nutrients become use up or not readily enough available for the amount of light pushed if you have good light. If you don’t have good light, temp, airflow, humidity no amount of nutrients matters.

I hope what I have said has helped. I’m on days off for a week but I may get time here and there so tag away and I’ll help when I can


I’ll try to get some more. Just re call I stated it a little over two weeks ago. But will do again to be sure. I’ll look into some more reputable brands. Thx


I believe they still need N in flower, especially during the first few weeks when the plant is stretching ? Maybe I’m looking at this wrong🤔 I’ve had N deficiency in flower, so I assume the plant needs N in flower if it’s pulling from the leaves ?


I’m referring specifically to transition. The 1-2 weeks from when she starts her major stretch till she has the beginning of crowns. She will need nitrogen the entire grow, yes. But some nutrients really push it. It was only recently that the feed schedule for RB’s changed to have boost added during transition. The old schedule called it for end flower. This is because during that big stretch in transition she needs more PK to do more. If you subsequently increase nitrogen at the same time, when for those 1-2 weeks she’s hardly even using it, it will cause burn.

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PH on soil sample.

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For an idea of how important using something like tribus to greatly increase nutrient availability to the roots and a PK boost is important in transition. Like I said, still got a little burn, but this was a 13 day transition, 3 week stretch. So she kept stretching for a week after transition.

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ditch the vivosun meter. i had one it was consistantly off. got the Apera, more coin but worth the invest.


Thanks all.

Apera PH60 has been ordered and will be here tomorrow. I will retest to see if I am getting any different readings.

Appreciate all the input!

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@Budz gave u solid info. The original tip burn was n toxicity. Most calmag’s are made from Calcium Nitrate. And as was also stated, plants in flower require lower amounts of N and more P and K (the other issue).

Its a hard line to walk when you see a calcium deficiency mid flower… thats why alot of people have moved to diff sources of calcium (gypsum, silica) and magnesium (epsom salts). Easier to control NPK with them.

The other issue I see is mass yellowing. When ur leaves yellow from the outside then ‘burn up at the edges’ (looks like tip burn just covers ALOT more of the leaf) its usually hungry. Especially at this stage. You could supplement some heavy bloom ferts to help her grow those buds.

Now the original problem u saw was ‘added calmag, light N burn to the tips’. So you backed off all supplements and went from ‘too much Nitrogen, to not enough of anything’.

Ppms under 6-700 in FF soils midflower is pretty low. What line of nutrients are you planning on using?

Sorry about the delay and missed support ticket. Happy u got some good growers to start pointing you in the right direction

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I also would suggest a better meter but in the mean time thst soil is showing that it need a flush, the PH is to high.

What exactly do you mean; “transition”?

A couple things. Autos should never be topped or pruned all the hell. You should be using the same photo period all the way through grow.

So, I want to clarify your mention of transition mentioned several times, in order to try and advise you.

BTW. I have, but do not grow autos. If I were outdoors, I might try them again. Indoors I can manipulate fems to limit size and create more yirld. IMO.

… all cannabis follows the same basic steps. The idea you can’t or don’t train autos will be largely disagreed with right here on the forum by the many growers who do. Some noted ones of course directly above us in this thread…

Do you… do you even keep up with the forum?

You literally pointed out its change in use in week 1 of flower instead of end. How tf you gonna argue with yourself… That transition stretch… Flower stretch. However you want to look at it

I am blind. So, that should answer your Q, and as far as arguing with myself, I am sure it was addressing something different in my mind.

Happy growing. Don;t tag me anymore if you plan to just give me crap. Bye!


I do apologize. I’m letting my personal troubles seep over into other aspects of life again. You are not at all at fault. I simply do not learn from certain mistakes. I should not be exhibiting such shortness in a learning environment. So again. I apologize.


Me too! Shite’day. I see you are dedicated to mastering your craft. It is nice of you to be fair. Life sucks for everyone right now. People losing jobs and have no idea how they are going to survive. Others do not care…

Some of us are losing loved ones, others their homes.

Anyway. I respect your attempts to help out. I guess it is just easier to lash out when one is feeling down. @ is open.

Happy growing.