Plant stopped growing

I am 45 days in veg and need some help. I topped plant day 18. Day 35 I desided to place her under a scrog net. I began some LST bending. I was a little to forceful and split the main stem and 2 branches. I tied them together somewhat. The plant is alive but hasn’t grown any for last 10 days. Can anyone help me. The plant is the money maker strain with floranova nutes, plus kelp, Cal-mag and a 1600w mars2 led. I’ve used Ac in room so no heat issues and i have co2. What do you think


I’m a beginner, but I’ve been studying up on super cropping, where you snap the inner stalk without damaging the outer stalk. If you DO damage the outer skin at all, you should Immediately tape up the branch, just like you would a cut on your finger.

It depends on how bad the split is. You might have to give her twice the time as normal veg to recover from this kind of stress. A picture would help the reader.

First of all, I’m so happy to see someone else on here that’s growing Money Maker. Omg guys I absolutely loved that strain and can’t wait to buy more of it to try in hydro. It was my biggest plant in soil so I can’t imagine how big it’ll get in hydro!
Second, just try to tape it together and keep it supported. You’ll only know if A, the growth of those stalks begins to die, or B, new growth shows and keeps growing.
Good luck with that strain, she’s a heavy yielder!