Plant still yellowing

Gave it cal mag 2 days ago, 1/3 strength 20-20-20 last night. Can’t be lockout when all I’ve used was alfalfa meal and earthworm castings could it? Maybe I should give it the same dose of alfalfa and castings as I did months ago maybe?

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Leaves dying off on the bottom like that is completely normal


And the spotting higher in the leaves?

I think you should look into different amendments for your plant.

One thing for sure. If you use 1/3 strength and have light green plants and yellowing and spotting; IMO, you are not feeding the plant properly.


@latewood, @HornHead I finally figured out how to use my tds meter. The 1/3 solution I gave it last night was around 300ppm. Would it be safe to give another 300ppm solution tonight? It’s in full veg stage. Recommendation for full veg is 450-700ppm. Just wasn’t sure if it was doable. Don’t wanna kill it. But at the same time, the yellowing seems to be spreading quicker that what I’m comfortable with. Lol. Is was beautiful less than 5 days ago!

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You are over thinking it @Drillbit
You are straight in the dirt and there are alot of variables but you plants look great
Just keep doin what you been doin and pay attention to pH going in and you will be fine
Nice looking plants in my opinion

1/3 strength is just enough to piss her off… go up to 3.4 strength 1 time then full dose… you wont hurt them and u should see a huge jump in growth.
ps worm castings wont hurt ur plant. You may next time mix about 5 lbs of worm castings in to the soil before you plant in it.

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I agree with @latewood
Its deficiencies not a lock out condition


My friend. Outdoors; I would be running 1000-1200 ppm, 800 ppm minimum.

300 ppm is barely enough to keep the plant green…Oooops; It hasn’t LOL, JUst kidding :wink:

I would go ahead and give a full strength dose since you just watered. This might seem like over watering but, the plants will like the nutrients they need better than water, and you then must allow the plant to almost dry out and hit them again full strength. Once you get all the new growth a healthy green; You can alternate PH 6.5 water with nutrient solutions in order to disallow a nutrient salt build-up.

Hope this gives some clarity.

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