Plant stands and runoff removal

I’m always looking for ways to make things easier and I figured I’d share this idea. Found these on Home Depot site. Looks like it will fit a 5 gallon pot and all the runoff will collect in the front for easy removal . Bonus, you can roll your plants around


Your plant would be at an angle because it’s not flat so the paint runs into the trough. Being on wheels I don’t see how that would work well for paint rollers lol

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I usually have my plants at an Angle to direct runoff in my scrog set up . The plants will adjust as they grow towards the light . On flat ground they look like they grew weird but when angled again they look straight lol


Interesting :thinking:

Then it would depend on what the thing is made of and whether it’s strong enough to hold a plant.

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If you find the perfect solution please let me know… I’m currently wasting 400mm of height so my runoff can be directed straight out of my tent with no build up issues.
I am also wanting to switch to airpots but I’m trying to get my head around how to run off straight out of my tent successfully.

Awe put a pan up under it with a water pump that runs on a cordless drill or small sump pump so it’s automatic.

this is super interesting. i wish i could remember who… but someone else uses drain pans that you put under a washing machine.

i just had mine up a few inches on a wire shelves with a regular plant dish underneath and used a small shop vac to pull everything out. i hated it. i went organic so i didn’t have to deal with runoff anymore.

I could just use a pump like I have in my reservoir on a seconds timer, or manually I guess… but I think it’d be hard to get absolutely all the water out each time using this method, therefore the buildup of bacteria could cause issues, using the SCROG method I think I would find it hard to remove the trays for regular cleaning, also I was thinking this method would effect my my humidity levels too… tough one…

Definitely would affect humidity if it wasn’t drained in a timely manner.

Maybe it’s time for me to make the switch too…

honestly there were 100 other reasons to go organic but that did turn out to be my absolute most hated task.

it’s all about finding your lane!

This is a 2.6 inch riser in an underbed storage tub. Tub will hold at least 5 gallons +

that’s a 7gal fabric pot

I grow in pots with saucers, I water until there’s runoff, then use a turkey baster to drain the saucer. However, if I leave water in the saucer, it usually gets sucked back into the pot.

Oh ya o suck up run off with this now

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i’ve used these too. they’re great.