Plant sizes and groth patterns

Hey I was just wondering if anybody could give me a guesstimation on how big my plants are going to get I’m a first-time grower and started from clone 5 weeks ago my plants are sitting at about 20 inches tall right now. I have fam them as well as tide down the lower branches making them grow out and up According to my research in my area the plants will begin to flower in and around the middle of August given the approximately six more weeks of veg and then obviously onto flower but what I read that once they go into flower they can double in size any help on this subject will be greatly appreciated I’ve also posted some pictures of my biggest plant from when I got it till now…


I don’t think you want the leaves touching the soil on that little plant and yes they will stretch during flower :v:

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sorry I didn’t know the little one was an old picture :v:

Lol…cool Thx…how big do you think it will get?

there’s really no telling how much they will actually stretch it all depends on Climat strain genetics and 100 other variables I’m stil new at growing too there’s no way to tell except wait that’s the hardest part they look happy and healthy :v:

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you’re way ahead of me on the outdoor grow these are clones that I took from my indoor plant I hope they get as big as yours by the time they’re ready to flower I started outside a little too late :slightly_smiling_face:


Cool thanks for the info they look healthy how long do they have to veg still

i’m not exactly sure when the outdoor light cycle starts to change to 12 hours of day 12 hours of night will trigger the flowering stage I think it’s the end of August not exactly sure :v:

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This is my first grow and I’m having so much fun I don’t think I’ve read so much since I was in school it’s fun to learn and see how they grow and how you can manipulate them with the tie downs and such I’m trying a few different techniques so I could see which ones work out the best for the future

I started growing at the beginning of the year my first grow was white widow auto and super skunk auto there’s nothing like harvesting your own bud and smoking it it’s awesome I have gold leaf going on inside and I can’t wait to harvest I still have almost 2 months to go I gave away most of my first grow because I was so happy it came out good now I don’t have any lol I’m buying until my next crop is ready it’s my hobby from now on :v:


When I saw the first pic, I got a little nervous. Clones are funny, but youve done well with them! @Johnniebeebad

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I know they’ve made quite an improvement I am very excited

Like bob said, clones are a funny beast. I’ve had clones do weird stuff. Had a plant 6’ tall, her clone only grew 3’ but was 3 times as bushy. Had a plant I could train any which way and she would recover in a day, her clone never recovered from some simple lst. Had a plant that was mix indica dominant ( short with fat leaves) her clone grew tall with skinny leaves. Crazy stuff. I’m sure some guru in genetics and botany could explain, but they have always been hard for me to predict. You are doing a good job, keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the reply the feedback is great I have one plan that has some mutated leaves on it we’re only one side of the fan has grown weird and it’s only on some leaves on the plant

Yeah my clones all looked pretty piddly when I first got them I was afraid that they weren’t going to live I put pics of them below the first day I put them in the pots … They have come a long way since then


What kind of soil are you using nd are you using any nutes at the moment

I’m actually using Miracle Grow soil I will know better in the future cuz I’ve learned since then than it’s not always good to use cuz of the slow-release nutrients I didn’t use any nutrients for the first 3 weeks on the plantbut am now using Dutch nutes


I am not overly worried about the Miracle Grow soil I’ve spoke too many people that have used it in the past and did just fine with it you just have to make sure that you rinse very well at the end from what I hear

The problem isn’t the soil. It’s the time release fertilizer. Sometimes they all release at once and burn the plants. Other times they don’t release and the plants are starving. I wouldn’t use it. But you’re in it so hope it works out for ya!

Oh and unless it says soil in the ingredients it probably isn’t and requires a different pH unless they added dolomite lime.

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@bob31 I’ve been checking my pH is regularly and they’ve been staying between 6.5 and 7.5 from what I’ve been reading in soil 7.5 isn’t really too high to start messing with chemicals to bring it down what are your thoughts