Plant size White Widow Autos


This is my 3rd Grow, not a veteran by any means but having fun. In the pictures I posted the plants are all about the same size in the first 2 pictures. The last 2 pictures show completely different looking plants. Same age, twice as tall, not as bushy & they are budding at 5 weeks!
Why so different?


Different phenotypes possibly


Just found it kinda weird!


What light cycle do you have them under. It should only b flowering if your in 12/12. I’ve never grown autos but I think they need 12/12 too ? Maybe not


Phenotypes was my first thought. I have two plants the same way. Everything besides how they look is identical…pot, soil, watering, lighting, everything. It’s just like how two kids from the same parents can look very different from one another. I’m anxious to see if they smoke different.

Edit: the plants, not the kids :grin:


@timmyv324 Auto flowers don’t require 12/12 or any specific light regimen. Many growers run their lights 24/7 for their autos.


Lol I have twin daughters. But they look the same. Yeah I’d say your on the right track. It’s actually tough to grow several strains at once because they all don’t like the same things. The bushy ones look nice a stout though. The other looks good too so can’t wait to see how this ends up


But I bet their personalities are different!


Way different. They are 21 now but through the years they switch personalities . They r like a box of chocolates. U just never know what your gonna get. Lmao. Growing weed is way easier than growing kids. Ahahahahaha. !!:joy:



I have the same issues


Yikes. Well you probably need to get some more light on them little guys. They r to far away now. And to close to the other. Man that’s toughy there. Big difference in size. All planted the same time ???


Maybe put the shorter ones on stools or a shelf to get them all the same height at least the lights will b where they need


Fo, showwwww. Cannabis grows itself. My kids would go to bed with their shoes on if I didn’t tell them to take them off! :grin:

But I concur, get them closer to the light to help them catch up.


18 hours on 6 hours off. Same schedule I’ve used in previous grows.


@zach man I’d say u need to separate them plants and put the budding plants into flower cuz the others just aren’t big enough yet. That’s crazy !! Never seen that


They are autos. They flower when they want under any light schedule.


Ooohhhhh!!! See that’s what I didn’t know. So autos will flower whenever ?? Obviously I’ve never grown an auto ?


@timmyv324 the 2 bigger plants was started on 1-5 and the 2 smaller was started 1-15. The 2 bigger ones is totally different in size.


There are 7 plants & they all came up within a day or 2 of each other. Right from the start those 2 just took off & never looked back. The other 5 plants are all doing great but are within a couple of inches of each other in height & yes I do keep the plants as close to the lights as I can without burning them. I just found it strange with the difference.


My White Widow Autos never got more than 8 inches tall. But they got really bushey. I did a lot of LST and they just budded out like crazy. You can check my post here. My plants are really bushy. Should i trim them?