Plant size question


hello all, thanks for having me… :slight_smile: my apologies for the noobish question… I’m about to start my first grow with some white widows… have a CFL setup for the first few weeks, and a 600w HPS/MH setup for veg/flowering… my grow space is a 3’ x 5’ x 8’ closet… how many full size plants can I realistically fit in a space like that? should I limit it to 2, or could I fit a couple more? height isn’t the issue, it’s the footprint I’m concerned with… thanks for the experienced help… :slight_smile:


Hi welcome to Ilgm, don’t feel bad about asking “newbie” questions even Robert was as green as you once apon a time.
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Are they regular feminized seeds or autoflowers? either way really i would only do 2 that way you are not tight on space. i think it is better to grow 2 decent/good sized plants rather then have many plants that grow into each other and causes space issue’s. Right now i have 4 auto flower plants in a room about the same size as you have and if i would have known that they were going to get as big as they are then i would have never planted them all and would rather only have planted 2 so i could optimize the space of the room for the stretch and the width of each plant. i think if you use a little LST it helps the plants expand and help get maximum yields. best of luck to ya Ryoken



Most indoor growers force Flower, or train plants to fit their needs. It’s important to remember that no two gardens are alike.

With that said, I personally wouldn’t put more than 3 in that space, as I like tall and wide with the scrog method.

Hope this helps, cheers :slight_smile:


@Ryoken, I agree I would do no more than 3 possibly even 4 in that space with a 600 watt bulb though definitely would do 3 in that space


Hello Mjiktoker, i was hoping to get in touch with you about some questions, anyway i can get connected with you, im new to this forum. i have question in regards to greenhouse growing.


thanks so much for the excellent input everyone! they are feminized… I think I will germinate 3, and see how that pans out… :slight_smile: I’m very stoked on my new hobby, it’s something I’ve been contemplating for years…


@noyseng start a thread ill be happy to help you out my friend, when started tag me with the @ symbol in front of my name


We’ll be here every step of the way happy growings


@Majiktoker thank you i’ll definitely do that.