Plant showing signs of pests, can only see eggs with microscope?

I have a problem. My plants are showing signs of broad mites, but there is no evidence of them. No webs or spider mites. I have a microscope and decided to look closer at my leaves. and holy smokes, they have a lot of microscopic eggs and some are hatching with tails. I have some baby plants (clones from other plant) going now and they are beginning to show signs. so i clipped a leaf and looked at it and it has eggs and these weird things.

Russett mites. The only thing I found that worked was ladybugs. I turned 150 ladybugs loose inside my tent. And those darn bugs still managed to kill one of my plants!

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Thank you for your reply, I thought that might be it by the symptoms. I have messed around forever. First I thought it was nutrients, then pH balance, too much heat, very slow growth… couldn’t figure it out. Had this happen a couple years ago, and what I did then (not knowing about russet mites). I used lady bugs and they seemed to feast well, then they were gone. Still showing signs, I made a home made hot spray with cayenne flakes, pepper, garlic, and some of the hottest fresh hot peppers i could find. boiled & simmered it for several hours and sprayed. plants loved it and they flourished and saved the plants… today i am in late flowering, and I noticed my last plant i trimmed hardly had any trichomes. Now I know why. The plants I have are full of these things I have decided to pitch the whole harvest. Now I have a microscope and first time I have actually seen the eggs and the mites…I am better equipped to catch these things early… Nasty creatures.

Try liquid ladybug for immediate results and sponge rings around the stem to stop re-infestation or neem oil but don’t apply neem oil to buds, tastes like crap!

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Can the neem oil taste be washed out at harvest with the peroxide bath…I’ve already applied to flowers lol

I dunno, neem oil is an oil just like the resin, I don’t think you can wash away one without the other using an oil dissolving solution, but the peroxide H2O2 (oxygen) is worth a try IMHO.