Plant seems to be dying

please help,I’m sure I’ve done something simple wrong.I germinated 2 seeds the way Roberts pdf said,one sprouted and started growing and the other didnt,the one that started growing opened up all the way but now after two days i wake up and it’s on its side with its serated looking leaves curling up and there someone that knows what I’ve done wrong, the seedlings are in a prop dome with a heat mat under it and a 40 watt CFL on top

Also I live in this wonderful state of georgia where the weather changes every time 10 minutes and I left my window cracked by accident last night so my room got down to about 55 degrees.I figured this is what hurt it but being a total rookie I don’t know for sure

Do you have a pic you can post?

I very gently picked it up a little with the side of my tweezers and gently placed another piece of the starter cube in the hole to prop it back up in hopes of saving it

Does any of this look familiar?

Yea it does a little,the stem is brownis with a little of a purple tint. There is no viable bend in it like the articles pics,it was just laying over,almost like the starter cube wasn’t supporting it

I’m thinking most of your problem is overwatering. Back off the moisture for a few days to see if any change. The purple on stems is sometimes a low K in the nutes, but not likely on a plant that’ young.

I’ve only been spraying it a few times a day unless the cube looked dryed out.also I don’t know if I like these starter cubes,I’m thinking I should probably just start in soil until I know what I’m doing but I greatly appreciate the help,you helped me out on my last post also, and you just can’t argue with your years of experience lol

Is my plant going to die?

I’m not sure, what is wrong with it? Can you post any pictures? You should have all permissions now, your user status is at least level one now.

Also you can fill out the support ticket checklist to give us an idea of the parameters in your growing environment to give us a better idea of what might be going wrong.


Can anyone help me? I’m having a similar issue. What’s wrong g with my babies?