Plant rootbound?

Is this plant rootbound ? been in flowering for 8 weeks on a 5 gallon pot. Should i just chop it down ? It had pink pistils.

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It looks like it still has a ways to go… :+1::wink:

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leaves are dying off have to water every 1-2 days.

Are you sure that your not overwatering… ?
That will cause the same issues… :+1:


It probably is rootbound. That’s a fairly small pot for a decent sized plant.
Water very slowly, and use about 8-12oz at a time. Pour water in a circle, let plant sit for 5 min, then slowly add another cup.
I had a few plants end up rootbound in plastic containers. I switched to fabric pots a few years ago and haven’t had a rootbound issue since.

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100% sure im not i always water when pot it not heavy at all

im 50% sure it is my last 3 plant i chopped had full of roots. so i can imagine this one, would it affect the plant ? should i worry about anything

Rootbound is not a positive attribute. Normally the soil would absorb what’s poured in and allow the plants to access what it needs at leisure. When it’s rootbound, the roots wind around each other, and fill the container so tightly, that water/nutrients poured in run down the roots and out the bottom instead of being absorbed by the soil. The container requires frequent watering and the plant doesn’t get the full dose of nutes you poured in.

That’s why I recommended watering and feeding really slowly with breaks in between. You’re trying to get what little soil is left to slowly absorb what your pouring in vs. taking shortcuts out the bottom.

If you were still in veg I’d recommend transplanting to a bigger cloth pot. Since you’re well underway during flower you’ll just have to manage and learn for the next time.
You could still try, (it’ll pop right out of that plastic container), but I’ll make no guarantees about what happens next. It could go either way.


I have a strawberry cough that is root bound. 4 weeks into flowering and it was producing signs of rootbound. Yellowing of leaves, brown spots, pot tight as fuck, and the little root hairs were coming out of the top of my planter. It wasn’t much of a loss for me and as I love to learn and take risks. I did transplant this one. Its 40 inches tall and has beautiful buds beginning so I did not disturb the roots or anything that is usually requested for a transplant. I just went from a 4 gallon to a 5 gallon and then filled in dirt around the sides. Thats it. Lets see what happens.

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It has been 4 days since transplanting my rootbound flowering strawberry cough. What do you guys chalk this up as? Is this a calicum and magnesium deficiency? Any chance of saving this or should i chalk this plant up as a loss. Week 4/5 flowering

She just looks absolutely awful. LMAO. Truth be told I am a beginner at growing and there is so much information that it sometimes gets confusing. I really appreciate any direction at all.

Sometimes it gets overwhelming and then I look at pics of my last harvest. Amnesia Haze Auto.