Plant Remains Super Small/Dense

Not sure if something is wrong or this is a problem, but my AK47 Autofem has remained the same size for probably about a month. I also am using an LED light and I think the “Veg” setting isn’t working. I have been using both Veg and Bloom options turned on because my light meter doesn’t register anything when on the Veg option is on. The plant is 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide. The plant itself is 3 months old AK47 autofem.

I have been running the lights 18 hrs/day feeding it 9/4/12.

The temperature stays between 20 - 28C depending on the lights. Humidity 50%.

I also messed up my nutes, I think, so the top leaves turned yellow.

This is my first grow, and I am stoked I got this far, but want to figure out what I messed up.

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Which led light? They range from pathetic to godlike. My guess would be you stalled because it isn’t getting anywhere near a reasonable amount of energy from just the bloom switch of a cheap led. I did this to a plant over a year ago on my first grow. Get a jewlers loupe and check your trichromes it may never grow another inch under that light.

Darn it, I was worried that might be it. I need to replace it.

This is the light I am using:

Thinking about replacing it with a:

I’ve heard those are good.

Those look awesome! Hmmm, I saw on another thread they recommended:

For a lower cost build. I don’t have $370 for an HLG, and I am growing it inside a real small tent. Which do you think is better?

Hlg 135! $200 and well worth the change this is my autoflower under it right now and I never thought my buds would be this dense and it still has a week or 2 left If not more!


I am gonna abstain from the guess work. Too many people on here who know what they are talking about for me to be guessing. I can only tell you what you have won’t work. That what I currently have seems to be working. And that the people around here say if you are using led it should be one of those quant board LEDs. If cash is a hurdle you can’t get around right now. I stand by my above post. Good luck friend!

Weed grower probably steering you in a good direction…not much more than the vipar you were looking at…I’d consider it if I were you!

One more thought if there is a light that HLG sells for 200. That means you can build it yourself for less buying the components maybe ~150. There’s a guy on here with a thread about DIY QB setups maybe the drbn guy. I forget off the top of my head. Search for that thread. I hear it’s pretty easy with some basic DIY skills. Find that thread and send a reply to any of those guys talking about it by putting @thentheirname. They will help you!

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Nice looking plant buddy…can’t wait to til I’m looking at something more like that in 6 weeks

Ok I lied ONE more thought. I bought my new light coming Friday on eBay. A NICE quantum board LED. made with almost exactly the same parts as the HLG equivalent. Only difference was the deep reds are not Samsung they are epistar and the heat sink is thicker so I’m hoping more effective. Do some research. More than one company / guy can build the same thing with the same parts :wink:. So yeah I think I’m done. Hope you get to where your trying to go.


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@Eagles009 the light guru is @dbrn32.
The HLG lights seem pretty easy to diy, it’s just the board(s), heat sync, and driver. Wire the board, connect to heat sync,connect to the driver. Easy peesy. I wired my HLG knockoffs and it took less than an hour for the 2.


@dbrn32 is the go to for all lighting. he helped me without making me feel like a fool about my old lights


What happened is your auto went into flower without growing much. Once the plants transition into flower the plants are pretty much done growing, they just increase flower development and size. This could happen because plant wasn’t handled properly and its growth was stunted, or maybe conditions weren’t conducive for the plant to grow much during the autos short veg period. Either way, this is one of the downfalls of autos. You don’t get to extend veg period if needed.

Thank you everyone! Okay, from what I have read, I think this is what I am going to go with. It seems like the best setup for my 2’ x 2’, one plant tent.

It’s out of stock on HLG’s website it seems, but I found it here:

Is that a reputable vendor does anyone know? @WeedGrower47 thanks for the suggestion!

@dbrn32 Thanks for your help and the insight! Should I just harvest the plant now and see what I can get out of it? Or is there a chance with the new HLG it might get some more flower?

@Eagles009 Thanks for your help as well! I would’ve been lost otherwise.

My pleasure brother! 120-140 watts rec for ur space. Can’t speak to the vendor. But that light is perfect for your 2x2.

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Care not to fry your baby girls with it. This is not like your other light

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Hah it seems I’ve gone from too light to a risk of too much. I have my current like on a timer for 18hrs a day and hanging about 18" away. Is that right for this light?

Yeah it’s not about on or off hours, you could run it 24-7 with autos. It’s about height from canopy and the dimmer switch early…play with it and see what they like but start far away and dimmed down :wink:. Worst case is they begin to stretch and I bury a bit of stem and lower and or dim/ brighten

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You need to wait until pistils have receded and trichomes are ripened to have best results. That’s what I would do.

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