Plant recovery - Follow up

Hey folks, hope you are doing well.

12 days ago I found a plant with damaged roots. I transplanted it in 5 gallons pot in a normal potting soil. I gave her a little bit of water and put her in shade. In the first days she lost all her leaves. After 7 days, I noticed some new born, I waited till yesterday and I gave her a Compost tea with molasses. The new leaves still having some issues, is there something else that I can do?

Strain: Middle eastern
Soil: Potting soil
Pot: 5 Gallon Plastic pot
Temp H/L: 28/22 C
Humidity: 75 - 80 %

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May be the size of the plant exceeds its roots’ ability because of the damage to them. Cut back the main stem to just above a node (ie top) remove suckers and hopefully this will put in balance.

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@beardless Thank you!

@PurpNGold74 Any other thoughts?

She looks like the soil is a bit hot. What kind of normal potting soil?

It is a mix of black and blonde peat having 2% of organic fertilizers

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Universal substrate to be more clear

Can you find a picture of said bag?

I got an old pic without the percentages however I remember some of them
50% Black peat
50% Blonde peat
1% Mineral fertiliser (Forgot it before)
2% Organic fertiliser
OTHERS BETWEEN 0.01 and 0.05
However I am thinking about the PH too, it could be acidic for her.

Mah. If she’s got nute burn, its in range. It may just be too many nutes.

It could also be environmentally related. Did u say temps and average humidity?

@PurpNGold74 thank you again for following.

82 L - 86 H
However for now I am giving her only 5 hours of direct sun. She looks to be stunt, she is growing 0.2" per day.

Something is not working well. Give her more daytime and hope she pulls threw.

Honestly my first outdoor plant i grew looked like that. It was high temps, miracle grow (nute burn) and bugs the whole time. But that plant got me to this site.

You should try to finish her up. And start investing in next year. Find a good reefer soil. Start looking for outdoor, more organic nutrients. I think Jacks 321 works outside, and is HELLA CHEAP @Myfriendis410 any other recommendations

@GoodMafia start reading around. Plenty of outdoor peeps. Just leech a few things here and there

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She is my first plant and brought me here too. I will try to finish her with care. Here you can find plants in fields everywhere. Usually I harvest them but I decided to learn the growing process. Always reading and learning new stuffs :v:

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Just an update. She is looking better now and started showing pistols last week. I gave her some bone meal. We will see how she will do.

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Flowering stage week 3-4. Is it normal or PH/Nutes issues?

Looks like hungry/possible pH

Thank you for the directions buddy! I will try to fix it with my intuitive methods. Peace.