Plant progress first Amnesia Haze

Hi all

This is my Amnesia Haze fem plany. Growing indoors grow tent. 18hrs light and 6hrs dark. About 14cm tall. I cut the yellow and drooping fan leaves (6 total) I’m not sure if it is growing tall enough or if I should do anything differently. Lights are 60cm away from plant. It’s on week 5 from germination. Thanks all :slight_smile:


Looking good. Let it grow.

Should it be bigger? Also should I leave the top fan leaves or is it blocking too much? Also I did fimming three days ago.

what type of lights do you have, this is my Amnesia on week 5

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450w LED

I think that plant is too young to be trimming yet. What is the brand and model of led you have?

4 weeks from transplant.

Brand and or spec sheet, really plants don’t need full blast in veg. I backed my lights off to 30". It might be something else.
fill out a support ticket
What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed
Method: Soil w/salt, Organic soil, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, KNF
Vessels: Pots, Grow beds, Buckets, Troths
PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)
PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable
Indoor or Outdoor
Light system
Temps; Day, Night
Humidity; Day, Night
Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size
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Co2; Yes, No

Very nice BTW!

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What strain: Amensia Haze Fem
Seed bank: bought from I love Growing Marijuana
Method: Soil
Vessels: 3 gallon fabric pot
PH: 6.5
Nutrient solution: NitroPlus once a week
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor grow tent
Light system: 450w Viparspectra
Temps; Day: 26-28 degrees Night: 22 degrees
Humidity; Day: 70 Night: 40
Ventilation system; Yes - carbon filter and fan
Co2; Yes - open sockets

How are you growing yours?

@Rosamond your light is a 200W light and that is ok for a 2x4 grow tent in veg. sometimes you just get a slow grower. what type of soil and how long have you been giving it nutrients (and how often). I’m in Fox Farm ocean Forest, so no liquid nutrients in my grow up to this point .I decided to go organic on this grow.

looks healthy ,you said it had drooping leaves sometimes that is from over or under feeding. I under feed my girls all the time. over feeding is a problem

Should I get another light?

do you have only one plant ,if so 200W isn’t bad

Lets call the pro’s in for help @Cannabian, @PurpNGold74 , @MrPeat , @Hellraiser , @dbrn32 could someone help. it will take a minute these guys will help

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That light will not produce a lot. Lights isn’t something you can go cheap on. I have run Viparspectra PAR600 which is way better than the one you are using.

With Vipars and many burple lights in Amazon you need to run ALL switches. This is why your plant is so small.

HLG hits the wallet upfront, but do you want to get leas than 1 oz each time or would you prefer over 1 lb per growing cycle?


Ok so what light would you recommend for a 60x60x140cm grow tent? I can fit three pots. The light is currently set on veg state. Should I justt get another one of the same light or buy a new one?

For now, run with both switches on, will give you more light and faster growth.

Stop cutting off fan leaves, you are slowing down growth with that as well. If they are going yellow/drooping as you say, you need to find out why and fix the problem so that won’t continue to happen. The plant needs those big leaves for fast growth. Also your fertilizer Nitro Plus is a not complete fertilizer (9-0-0) and may have led to your leaf problems. Need to get some better nutes as well.


If I get the light you recommend then and those nutes do you think it will get bigger?

Hell yeah! The difference a light makes alone is astonishing :astonished: match that with a proper nutrient regime and good environmental control and you have mega herb!
Plus a decent light allows the grower to see the plant properly.

these are babies grown under a high end led at less than 250 watts because the light was dimmed to slow growth.
Same plants transplanted a few weeks later
Same plants a few weeks ago

Nutrients, light and environment are key to growing healthy plants!