Plant problems outdoor yellow leaves and leaves die

I think I have various issues going on. I am not sure what is happening here. The strain I am growing is cherry wine. A cbd strain. I am using 19 4 23 salt dissolvable feed to 900 ppm and trying to keep water around 6 to 6.4 on ph when feeding. I use tap water and it is 400 ppm and I add 500ppm feed to keep at 900ppm until flowering starts. I am not sure if it is a fungus or ph or nutrient lockout uasue. I appreciate any help.

A week ago when it started the ppm was 1550 and I flushed the plant after that and 5 days later here we are. I am wandering of it is due to nutrient lockout our a fungus.

Water out of hose is around 78 to 81. I would love to figure out how to get down to 70 if I could find a way to chill it a little.

Here is all of them


Looking good, other than the leaves you say are turning yellow, have they overgrown the pots possibly

This may help.

Looks like natural yellowing of old leaves. You might want to get a filter for your tap water though. Those PPM are crazy.

That is natural you want that
that’s your plants talking to you, telling you its a sign that it’s changing to the next stage
don’t stress on it
the plants will drop what they don’t need to concentrate on the budding process
That’s why certain ones are yellowing mine are doing it to
I call it the molting stage

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I’m only in my second year of growing. Last year I did a White Widow plant and this year the same but also growing a PlushBerry. It is natural to have yellowing leaves. I prune them off the plant so the dying leaves won’t pull nutrients from the rest of the plant. I start mine indoors and then transplant to the ground outdoors. Planting them in the ground seems to allow for better root growth. I had so much yield on my white widow last year that even after giving some away, I still have more than enough to last until I harvest these in about another month. The flower has just begun. I will prune weekly now up until about 2 weeks before I plan to harvest. Then I’ll just water, water, water. It’s exciting and fun to learn as you go.

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Welcome to the Forum, I agree with you about going into the ground, it keeps your plants cooler during the heat of the summer and room to expand, and a lot less noticeable with is very important to me, I start mine in Gallon pots until they have a good root system, dig my holes sprinkle some insect granules in the holes, potting soil and then the plants, and of course a good watering,