Plant problem help me[First Growing]

this is my first time to growing weed
it’s 14days from seed
What’s wrong with my plant? (brown spot in leaves)
please help me

Strain; White Widow

Soil :

System type :

PH : don’t know

What is strength of nutrient mix? nothing


Light system, marshydro 300w led 56cm above from plant

Temps; Day22~28, Night 18~20

Humidity; Day 60~70 Night 60~70

Ventilation system; Yes,4 inch

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,

Co2; No

@trevor_haze They are gonna need more info. Go to this link and copy/paste the support ticket into your next post and that will tremendously.

If you are under grow or hot lights you need to get the water off the leaves or they will burn. I’m too much of a noob to help you beyond that, but fill out the ticket and the re-enforcements will be here to help, lol


Thank you!!

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Thats likely what’s wrong. I don’t believe it’s possible to grow ganja indoor without properly pH’ed water, spend 10 bucks on a cheap meter and I think you’ll start seeing Improvement

  • good luck

It could be light burn but I am inclined to agree with @Paranorman very likely ph soil is not just soil type makes a difference and a broader picture helps as it gives perspective of pot size distance from lights fans etc.


Why are these plants all wet? Welcome to ILGM. We love to help growers have success from start to finish. :slight_smile:

I’m with latewood on Why it’s wet possible newt Burns if you’re using nutrients but need much more information if you could give us some more pictures also of the entire plant that would help tremendously welcome to ILGM can’t wait to watch your progress we are all here rooting for you like @Paranorman said definitely stop at just about anywhere sells pH meters Walmart Amazon even Walgreens

thanks for advice

i test my water… ph is too high 7.5~8.0… omg

i think that is reason why leaves are going brown and steam is purple
mayne phosphorus deficiency

so i use ph down

and i will pay attention other new leaf

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