Plant photos as of today

I had a rocky start. I thought my garden would be perfect. Not so. Only 6 hrs of direct sunlight a day. Plants were not thriving. I know it’s a bit unorthodox but after germinating and planting 10 of the 30 seeds I bought (I lost 3 due to user error), I removed the 7 remaining and put into pots and I move them around the yard to keep them in the sun all day. My wife thought I was nuts until she saw them beginning to prosper. I figured they would all die, but I attend to them all the time.

I’m taking the whole operation indoors. I’m learning a ton by reading a few different books and coming here. These were taken today. I know they are a bit small, but we’ll see what happens.

pics didn’t finish loading before you posted.

Tried to redo, having issues. Can I delete this post?

I removed the pics that didn’t upload. Try uploading one at a time. We’re trying to work through this issue. There’s a weird bug in the system that’s going to get squashed


Ok- thank you. Trying one at a time.

I almost had it, I’ll try again tomorrow

They’re looking good. Some look overwatered.

Thank you!! I have been giving them a bit extra water. It’s been 90+ here the last few days. I’ll back off. I’ll repost the pics.


If I were you, and planning on bringing them in, I’d top, and once the new tops grew in, I’d lst it down.


Thank you. I have been reading about topping here and definitely seems like a good idea. Do you think I should top them even if I keep them outdoors.

I like to because you get two main colas. I topped this one twice, then tied those 4 new tops down. Now I have several decent tops. ! And it kept the canopy more even for better light distribution.


Yes you should

I did it twice
Turned the main cola into 4

I like your screen name
It’s a sad chord !!

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Wow, those are gorgeous. I see the benefits. If I had all the right gear, is that a clipping I would be able to clone?

So this one would be snipped right there in the middle?

Definitely a sad chord. Not as sad as D minor. :joy:

@Eminor7 clones are an area that’s very alien to me lol…I’m a first time grower
But I just wanted to show you it can be good to top and even do some LST to control the way it grows …
I also think you need more guidance than just me to say exactly where to clip …but you can also do something called Fimming

Also know each time I topped it took a good week to recover and start growing good again
So take that into account too…

There are many knowledable people here and I’m just learning …

Lol yeah the 7 makes it less sad …I agree about D minor

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I’d snip it right here

The other two will become the main colas
Then you could even snip those again in a week or 2 and it will become 4

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That is exactly what I would do, and this is what mine looked like after I tied the 4 tops down.

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I’m going to do it today, why not. This is my first grow, why not experiment. From what I’ve read about cloning, it does not seem too difficult, but high maintenance.

Thanks everyone! :pray:t3:

No worries keep us updated here on your progress

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I did it. It’s oozing. Not going to touch it. I am going to do it to the other two that are this tall. I will post new pics in a week. :+1:t3:

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