Plant only grew 9” with a bud on it . Maybe me moving them in container did something?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Hello well I ordered a bunch of seeds and some grew great while others did not … the ones That did not only grew 9” with a bud on it . Maybe me moving them in container did something?

Well it’s an auto and you can tell by the yellow leaves it had a bit of a rough start. The thing with autos is your grow environment has to be pretty on point to be able to grow autos with success. They only have a 30 veg period so anything that hinders the veg growth severely impacts final yield


Good info. I’m regretting buying 20 auto seeds. Should have just got photos again.

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You should have no regret. If you get it right they can look like this White Widow auto.

Transplant early or put seed sprout directly into it’s forever home.


Autos are great, you just have to let them do their thing. Don’t give up on them!


I just hear a lot of negatives

Don’t knock em til you’ve tried em. :grinning:

Autos work for me, in an unfriendly state height for outdoor grows is very important to me. Getting 3 harvests in a year is an added bonus. 2ish weeks out from harvesting 4 WWA, 6 weeks from final harvest of 5 WWA. The only issue I have run into is spotting on leaves, not sure if leaf septoria or bug issue. I have sprayed for both but don’t seem to be winning that battle. I think next year I will do all 3 grows during spring/early summer. Trying to grow in these super hot and humid summer days is proving be challenging.