Plant nutrients/deficiency

I was hoping someone knew what was wrong with my plant it is 3 weeks old and started to yellow in lower leaves now moving up the plant are burnt looking edges and some spots I have not fed my plant any nutrients and it is outdoors. I originally thought magnesium now I’m thinking it is potassium deficiency.

what type of soil (brand and type) and what is the pH level of the water.

Garden safe all purpose organic potting soil and my water ph is between 6.0 amd 6.5

If u have potting soil like miracle Grow and has it been raining a lot cause I have a gorilla gluee plant looks exactly like that leaf pattern everything leafs burn and that’s what I had to much potting soil not enough soil and it was raining a lot and it just got to get burned it up a little bit but they will come back

On a side note make sure none of your bottom leafs are touching the soil. That’s an invitation for a few issues.

I haven’t had my plant it rain yet amd the soil I have doesnt have many nutrients or anything I also added some worm castings into the soil