Plant not growing well

A question from a fellow grower:

I got the seeds and it s been a month now and 2 plants are not growing as you see on the picture. What can I do to save it? However the third one is doing well.

Fill out support ticket , strain , soil , ph , water , nutrients if any etc.

Are you growing in plastic bags? And is there any holes at the bottom of the bags to allow for drainage? That soil looks nasty too, rocky and lots of large lumps

I’d be interested in the answers to this as well. I have had limited success with my WW plants this year (southern hemisphere). Out of the 12 I tried to germinate, only two have successfully germinated and grown, one did germinate but then failed when it went outside. Of the two remaining, they are in exactly the same batch of soil (mixed in the same wheelbarrow, one shovel in one, the next in the other etc) but one is doing well, the other perhaps not so well.