Plant not eating

I’m in my 4th week of flower. Ie noticed over the past week I haven’t seen any growth or change minus some more discoloration on the bottom. (Also my ppm haven’t dropped in a week. Looks like nitrogen diffiency or toxicity. Which at one point was. Like three weeks ago I was in lock out most like slow growth bad ph and high ppm. (I didn’t have a meter)
I fixed it about three weeks ago. Everything has been going better. It’s been going good.
4 waterings ago:
pH 6.2
in 150ppm
Out 2k
3 watering ago
Ph 6.4
In 300
Out 1,200
Last watering
pH 6.4
In 550
Out 1,100
This morning
pH 6.4
In 160
Out 1040

It looks like my plant hasn’t consumed any nutrients or barely anything out of the soil Monday was 1,100 ppm coming out this morning was 1,040
I defoliated a little last Saturday the buds got a little fatter after then I watered Monday and everything seemed fine. After bringing my ppm down a few weeks ago I just fed pH balanced water and and molasses. Monday since my ppm was down to around 1,100 I threw in a shot of tiger bloom which has some nitrogen but mostly has p and K.
But even then I put 550 ppm and got out 1,100. So it’s not like I bombarded it with stuff. Maybe there was too much nitrogen still???


Slowed growth and discoloration near the bottom are normal by the time you get to the 4th or 5th week of flower. The stretch is over. She is done growing now and the plant will now focus on developing and ripening flower. Nutrient demand also decreases as the plant is done growing.

I see no evidence of excess nitrogen.

Keep your runoff pH around 6.5 and your runoff PPM around 1,000 and she will do fine.


So, the only reason to feed molasses is to “feed the microbes” in the soil right.
Microbes eat the sugar and go to work converting biological material into nutrients…

The ppm not dropping much could mean you have good microbial life going and they are adding to the tds in the soil.
Imho, you’re doing exactly what you should be :+1:
Keeping records of the runoff and balanceing ppm is all you can do.

As long as they are dropping a little bit and not climbing much over 1k, it should be good…


I also put recharge on Monday… I didn’t know that about microbial. I’m trying to take in as much as I can


Yep, microbes do the same job as laboratories, they turn organic sources into the exact same minerals/nutrients that laboratories do.
So many people believe theres a difference in salt based and “organic” nutrients thanks to marketing and peoples lack of proper scientific understanding…
Nutrients are minerals and there isn’t any organic materials, only organic sources. They are the exact same when the plant takes it up…

But just food for thought :blush: