Plant not budding


I have a plant thats been in flower for 3 week and iv noticed one of my plants have not started to bud all the rest of them have good size flowers on them no light leaks or any thing like that iv grown afew in my life and never seen this happen. Just seeing if anyone else has seen this happen thanks


Hey welcome to the forum @ronnie_miller Best I can tell you not all plants are equal . Got any pictures?


Ill take some new pic when when i water then tomarow its just the first time is ever happend to me where all but one has flowers they are just bag seeds so it realy dont matter just seeing if its ever happend to anyone else it just weard to me is all


So your growing photos under lights? I grow out side… but still some times u get a plant with weird genetics. I got one now that’s almost half the size of my other plants. I’ve seen others on here saying a plant took for ever to flower.


Ya im growing under lights i just noticed this morning that it is starting to flower