Plant minor issues ideas

This is blue dream auto first grow i use sohum living soil has been great for me for years and all sudden the leaf edges are starting to fuld upwards humidity at 50-55% temps around 75

What light are you using and how close is it to the plant?
I may be wrong, but that looks like light burn. The edges of the leaves almost look bleached white.

wakyme 600w and light is 21 inches from top plant

I’m no light expert, but with blurple type lights I would turn on the veg and bloom switch and move the lights up to 36 inches.

This is what your light manufacturer recommends

For vegetable, we recommend VEG+BLOOM function: Hanging height: 2-3 feet; Lighting time:12-18 hours/day

Pointing up a little is good. Taco shell shape is too much light. You want your plants to “reach” but not “stretch”. If that makes sense.

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Ill try it thanks dude