Plant marijuana outdoors in July


A question from a fellow grower:

assuming the seeds are germinated by July 1st, do you think it is too late to plant outdoors? I am in new York and the average outside temperature is 85 until mid September which would then drop to 70 through to middle of October


Cutting it kind of short for an outdoor grow. You need 2 seedling weeks, then 12-16 weeks to finish. I would go with an Indica dominant pheno.


I got mine into the ground on D-Day , they were about 2 ft,tall NOW the 3 ladies in the backyard as of 8/16/14 are topped out at around 6 - 6 1/2 ft tall and starting the budding process , The 2 ladies in the front yard are 5 ft. tall , One of the, looks different from the other 4 and has a “skunkweed” smell !! They are all just now budding !!



I planted my WW seeds on 7/2 and they sprouted about four days later. Two of the plants are pretty small, but one of them looks great. I’m growing them in pots outdoors. I just hope they are ready for harvest before November when it gets real cold here.

Claire … how are your outdoor plants doing that you planted in early July?



I have. To ask i have couple sativa plants growimg outside in geound n live in canada were it snowing right now plants have been growi g 7 months quit big n healthy started flowering and budding month ago …what shud i do it snowing n temp is -1


Can someone answer me


Cover them when it’s going to frost. They are light frost hardy but if the frost is heavy they will respond the same way as any plant at that temp. They should be fine with light snow as long as it’s not below freezing for to long.


I’d love to hear how your harvest turns out! Good luck!