Plant looks very dry after it produced buds following about a 2 week stretch

Plant looks very dry and I don’t know why or even if its normal but I’m guessing that something is wrong. Buds have not fattened at all in the past week. I raised my HLG 600 quantum EDS to about 34" inches above the canopy and even turned down the lights a notch.

I water with perfect ph about every 3 days which results in a little excess runoff. I have cutback on the feedings since I feared note burn but I suspect now that that’s not the problem. Any suggestions?

Is this bagseed?

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How long has this plant been flowering?


Usually caused by water/food/heat

Thanks and I will answer the questions as best I can below:
Strain: Either Gold leaf auto or Purple Zgietlieg auto both purchased from ILGM
Soil: Coco Coir mixed with 50% perlite and enhanced with bat guano, seabird guano, worm casings and Diamatheous earth
Vessels: 5 gallon fabric pot
Ph watering: neutral to slightly acidic water going in with about 10% runoff every 3 days
Nutes: Half the recommended Coco A, B, CalMag and occasionally PK, with 2x the dosage of Sugar at every other watering (Sugaree at every watering)
Growing indoor: in a 4x4x7 grow tent
Lights: HLG 600 quantum LED grow lights which I recently turned down a click and raised to about 34" above canopy of plant
Temps: Up to 80 F during day and down to 65 F at night
Rel Humidity: Between 80% after watering and down to 35% before rewatering
Ventilation: Exhaust fan on constantly and tower fan on inside tent with zipper open on tent to allow fresh air
No additional CO2

For coco cut with perlite it doesn’t seem like you were feeding often enough. Hard to say what if anything else going on with plants based on picture posted.

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