Plant looks struggle to new growth

Hey guys ive got 2 indoor 4 week old girls one is striving and the other one is looking very dull and struggling with new growth
Ph 6.1
Ec 0.8
In soil
I had a cal/mag deficiency so i put lime in with the soil and im not getting any brown spots any more and the leaves feel more healthy but look like deformed

And this is my good one

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Can you give me a close up of pic #2 of her leaves I see something but I want to be sure ok

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Get your ph up to 6.5


This is the same plant

Normally my water is at 6.8 but when i test run off its about 5.8 and when i test the soil its 6.1

Do you have a fan on your plants ?

and your P H is off as @Bigreid95 stated 1

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Yeah i have 3 fans inside to circulate air should i make sure they dont touch the plants?

Yes, to much air flow on a plant will cause it’s leaves to curl under.


Hey guys i went and got an organic insecticide today and sprayed the leaves and flushes the soil and it turns out i had a mite infestation can see them all coming out the bottom dying in the water