Plant looks off, anyone ran into this?

About 2 weeks post transplant, been topped twice. 18-6 light schedule, Watering at 6.5, temp stays around 78F on average, RH around 50. In FFOF, Gaia Green AP 444, organic worm castings and great white myco. Other lady in the tent is looking perfect in the same conditions and nutes. Newest forming fan leaves just seem to be coming out irregular or seem stressed? it normally seems like the last few hours of light on they just totally quit photosynthesizing and seem wilted and look “sleepy” in a way. Hard to describe, hope someone has seen this! I’ve been told it could be a nitrogen issue? any help would be appreciated, thank you growmies.


What light are you running?

Spider Farmer SF2000, running it close to manufacturers directions. prolly about 20" from top of canopy and at 65-70% power recommended by the stage of veg I’m in.

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I had one that looked similar was a definitely a light problem plant was healthy but just not right. Pretty sure not your problem. 2nd guess too much nitrogen.

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But really close to perfect if you get what im saying!

I only use gaia green.

So you think change nothing, shes healthy as can be? maybe adjust the light a bit?

A fan blowing around just above your canopy should help. If your tent temps are good, the leaf surface temp on this girl is likely too high. They will taco upward when they’re heat or light stressed. If the other lady ain’t complaining, this one may just be under a hot spot in the tent.

Edit to add - raising your lights higher will also get the temp lower by increasing the distance between heat source and plant. I’d still use the fan personally

I agree with @Jimtroutbum to much nitrogen will make them leaves curl like that if you’re using organic soil i would just plan tap water for few waterings it will straighten out for you my friend happy growing

Ok so I’m gathering prolly turn down and raise the light a bit, and plain water no molasses, got it!


And gets cheap desk fan zip-tied to blow on your lights. Sounds dumb but works for me 100%


@Graysin that’s all I use is old desk fans in my grow just movement all the time is usely all it takes but in a tent different story

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