Plant looking very healthy except

My girl looks very healthy. Lots of dark green leaves and the flowers look like they are coming along. My only concern is that a few leaves are curling downward. Any remedies or is this just normal.


What are your runoff pH and PPM?

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PH is 7. Not sure about PPM. I watered it this morning. Maybe too much?

Some drooping around watering time is normal. Clawed leaves are generally a symptom of a pH problem or excess nitrogen. The darker leaves you have are a result of nitrogen, but it’s certainly not enough to worry about.

Knowing your runoff PPM is very important and should be around ~1,000. Your pH target is 6.5 (assuming soil and not coco.)


I agree looks like a nitrogen toxicity. Back off on nitrogen.

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Re the 6.5 pH target. Keep in mind that the pH scale is logarithmic. The fancy word, in practice, means that a pH of 7.0 is 5 times as alkaline as 6.5 rather than 0.5 times more alkaline. You can likely eliminate the problem by adjusting your runoff down to 6.5.

On the logarithmic scale:

A pH of 6.0 is 10x as alkaline as 7.0.
A pH of 7.0 is 10x as alkaline as 8.0.


What are you using for light.

Zooming in on your pic, pot looks dry :thinking: Are you getting run off when you feed

A week ago I put down worm castings and fish bone meal. Do you think I over did it on either one of those?

I water my plants to get at least some testable run off everyday. Trying to keep my runoff ph between 6.3 and 6.8

Just like everyone else has mentioned, little too much nitrogen. Not the end of the world she will use it up during stretch.
No I don’t believe the fish bone meal would have been to much nitrogen.

Back story me please, What dry amendments have you been using? And have you been using only them this entire time?

I am growing it in an organic soil called Indicanja. Right before flowering I top dressed with earthworm castings. I then added some fish bone meal a few days later. I was told to put those two down again halfway through flowering which should carry me to harvest. I’m now a little gun shy if leaves are curling. Otherwise she looks strong as an ox.

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She looks great don’t stress it.
Are you in fabric pots? Have you done any bottom watering?
I have had better success with less dry back with organic soils.

I’m wondering if she’s got dry pockets in the soil as well. Sometimes they will show itself in very odd ways.

A few dry spots but drainage has been good. The soil is loaded with nutrients and they claim that it’s good for seed to harvest. Should I hold back on nutrients?