Plant limit question


I live in Michigan and as everyone probably knows we are now legally able to grow 12 plants.
My question is at what point are the little girls considered a plant? If I have 12 seeds germinating is that considered 12 plants? What about clones, if they have not rooted yet are they considered plants yet? Just trying to get clarification to avoid legality problems.


I’m also in MI.

My understanding of the law is that once they have roots, they are considered plants.


Good to know I’m in Michigan too. Don’t ever plan to get that large but on never knows.


My struggle is with cloning. I want to take 2-3 clones to choose from for every keeper. That gets me over numbers quickly unless I’m creative.


Same here. I’m looking into creating a perpetual operation where I harvest every 1 or 2 months and the best I can come up with is having 3 plants harvested every month while staying within the limit. I currently have 2 separate properties where I have a co-property owner on one of them. I’m thinking I could probably double up to 6 per month by using both properties, but that will also mean double the utility cost as well as take up more space. Another issue is the max. ounces allowed in the home which I’m sure I’ll exceed. Definitely need to be creative.


Being honest here, you could get the max amount from just a couple of plants. So I feel there’s some leeway in the law here. The only reason why they would nail you for over the limit, is if they raided your house.

This is my problem also. It’s easy to go over the limits.


The way my grow has started I will really have to work to exceed max in house. Is that max per person over 21?


@Bubblehead Michigan state law stats that:
12 plants on the “premises” which means there could be 30 people in a home, but only 12 plants on that property. Anywhere. The exception of the way to get around that number is get a medical card. Or multiple people could have a medical card in tbe same house, multiple people can have a medical grow, (locked and secured) and one person can have recreational. As long as the medical is locked and secured, you’ll be fine.
It’s a fine line really. Just don’t do anything shady to get your house raided, and I’m sure you’ll be fine. :wink:


In Canada here but we are allowed to grow 4 plants (per recreational use in a resence, not per person and separate from a medical licenced grow that someone else may have in the house) but only have 30g on us at a time, no storage limit but it takes up alot of space and whole we can not buy concentrates yet we can make them so figure once I have a crop stored ill just start making shatter or oil.

Dang 12 plants I wish.


I have heard, but cannot corroborate, that the 10 oz limit is “ready to use” product. To me, buds curing in jars (even for months) are not “ready” to smoke. Not until I decide they are. And pull them out of the jar. Grind ‘me up and smoke ‘me. THEN they’re ready.


I think if you had 10 ounces curing in jars they would believe that it was ready to be consumed.


Okay, okay… THOSE ten ounces can be ready to smoke. :roll_eyes:


I think this limit is ridiculous. When they wrote the law do people not understand from a single outdoor plant you can get that much?
So in my opinion, I probably will be ignoring this portion of the law. Not because I’m a law breaker, but because it’s almost impossible to follow. Sanely. @BlackShirt @Bubblehead


I’m with you. I don’t generally weigh my harvests, either. Don’t plan to start now.


This is my first grow not too worried about going over the 10 ounce limit even with my 6 plants. Shoot I’ll be happy with 3 ounces.


@Bubblehead if you’re not getting close to the 10 ounces with 6 plants, I would look into some serious improvements. :wink:


@Covertgrower Oh I hear ya. Many small issues this first grow. I think the one of the biggest was ILGM sent me autos by mistake and I was treating them like photos. ILGM did make it right but this grow is not as I expected. For their age they are runts compared to others on the forum. Plus I made some mistakes. I believe I underwatered at a critical time, under fed, had my lighting issues and stated LST too early. Making some corrections now. The one photo, from another supplier, will be 45 days above soil when flipped but it is small also. I’m up against a hard stop date so it is what it is. I have learned a lot which is all I can expect from my first grow.

Bubbleheads first grow