Plant life cycle is it possible to get two cycles out of one plant

I’m just curious I’m very very new at this I just went through a plant cycle chopped my plant down I had left the roots in the pot there were two sticks still growing nothing worth cutting down on them so I took it and threw it in the woods well planted it in the woods it being early and the summer is it possible this can go through a second cycle

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Its it possible, yes. Has it been done, you bet it has. Have I seen it done, not at all sorry to say.

Thanks for the answer I’m going to keep an eye on it and if it does work I’m going to have to post a picture

I have thought of trying that one day, but I have way to many seeds to worry about that

I hear you I live in an RV park and I have way too many nosy neighbors so I can’t let it get too big and when I recently cut one down I threw it in the tree line with a couple good sticks on it I just leaves very few hairs I was just curious if it would start growing again like go back to vegetation and start growing again

I would only try that if the plant was a really good plant and I wanted to try and get it to reverse to make pollen.

Yeah I’m not that good yet really I’m just happy to get a plant to work it actually starts making buds now I want to get to where after I cut it down it doesn’t taste like grass smells really good but for some reason it always taste like I’m smoking hey but get your high as hell though

I have been reading on how to cure it though maybe that’ll help

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Well if it is smelling and tasting like hay it is over dryed.

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I only let it hang for 3 days then I cut them off the sticks and basically just throw it in a bag and it’s still pretty moist

Quick question. Where in the world are you in general?

It was supposed to be blueberry cheesecake but for some reason I don’t see the picture I just tried to put there let me know if you can see it please

I’m out in Texas what about you you in the US or you out of state

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I see the picture and I see some of your problem. The bud still needs more time to dry.

I should spread it out on a plate or something then huh

I am in Florida. Just asking so I can take your local weather into account.

Yeah we’ve had some pretty wet weather here too but when I first cut this down it smelled really good and you could smell it outside the house it was crazy

If you have paper towels place them on that with a sheet to cover and place out of direct sunlight.

Hey is it legal out there yet I know it is here for medical or I can go a couple hours away to Oklahoma and it’s totally legal

Medical is legal thats all.