Plant leaves turning purple

Plants are flowering leaves turning yellow then purple one plant totally purple. Are buds going to be any good? Very close to harvest. Help


Just natural coloring from lower temperatures. Good looking plant.


OK I was worried and it has gotten cold at night for the last couple weeks. Buds OK then? Buds still Green very sticky


Yes, the buds should be great still. Most look ready, just need 90% all pistils brown then check trichome colors. Can’t tell from the pics that far away.

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OK thanks for the info :+1:

Killer plants. What strain? If you don’t mind.

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Looks like they are a couple weeks away on them. Nice job.

Gorilla Glue thanks


Looks like just the genetics, looking good :+1:

Lost of sugar, and your getting nice color from your outside Temps.
A good bud wash and a proper dry (not to fast keep humidity right) and a nice cure will have you enjoying those buds better than you can imagine.


Really pretty autumn colors
Healthy looking plants

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Beautiful fall colors

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What strain is it coz it maybe traits of the strain it is aswell

Gorilla Glue

Have a look on the internet at gorilla glue strain read how it grows and what colours to expect

Thanks for that info checked it out and I see there is a purple strain of gg that looks exactly like my plants thanks for the info!

No worries its always helpful to read how ur strain grows

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That’s a beautiful looking plant.

Happy growing