Plant leafs drooping

I’m looking forward to the pictures with the healthier plants!


ph of the water + ferts I give them is 6.7 … runofff is now near 6.5 , plants have picked up by the way …
I told you i had been suppercropping and that stunts their growth till they pick up again , and by the way it looks , it does seem that this had a major impact ohn them … have been suppercropping now only for 2 weeks . never did it before so maybe i did it wrong you know …

watering schedule , I dont have any . I feel the pot if its light , and look at the soil plus sometimes dip a finger in it to make sure … But one thing you asked me was what kind of promix , well its the promix bh with miccorizzea . |If you know where I should settle for ph in that medium , please let me know . but plants are kicking and a pick is coming soon for you Mac G :wink:

Pro-mix has a website which they do answer some of the questions I recently switched to hp m which is a hydro ph but would have to read up on bh may be faster for you to do so yourself though since I bounce threads then work my way back to the homework ones after the easier ones :slight_smile:

its bx with mico . sorry for that . but I dont find anywhere on the net stating what the ph water/nutriments should be … im runnning it on 6.7- 6.8 and the girls are liking it . please let me know if you find better . thanks

BX is in essence the same product as HP exception being that it uses vermiculite the reason higher ph 6.3-6.5 work well in it is it degrades in storage and it’s ph has been known to drop to 4.8 but usually averages 5.5-5.8 this is based on user experience. They say it ranges from 5.5-6.5 off the factory so yes treat the shit like soil for best results. Eventhough it is a soil less mix if you got a very low ph or long stored bag the moss is actually readjusting your ph

I use BX. I PH’d my solution as if I was doing a hydro grow. I did add 30-33% perlite to each mix.

I buy perlite in 440lb. bags. In case anyone is in need.

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here is a pic after two weeks of gruesome drooping…

Side question:

I am using Promix HP, straight from bag, I do however verify / adjust PH – PPM
prior to planting.

Anyway I am not sure if its draining enough?

Using 5 Gal Felt pot and I water/feed with 2 Gal, Run-Off is only about 1 to 2
cups, and this will last 7 days before I need to water again. Plants just started
first week of full flower and look great, no problems.

Should I add some Perlite (20%) to my medium next time? Time between
watering’s seems too long.

BTW PH is a little high but expect it to drop as flower continues PPM’s are good in @ 971 out @ 1263 (approx. 280 left from last feed)

If what you are doing is working well, don’t change. I felt like ProMix drained fairly well, or at least it dried in a couple days. Do not understand why your medium is staying wet for a week.

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