Plant leaf problems

Hi there guys.

I am having a problem with one of my plants and not sure if it is light stress or something to do with nutrients… PLEASE HELP!


Hi Calvin,

Let’s take a moment and get this plant’s vitals.

What strain?

When was it rooted?

What is the exact growth medium?

What are you putting into the plant and on what schedule? Water info especially (pH, ppm, etc).

What kind of light are you giving it (specific model) and how far from the plant is it?


@Calvin1722 here is a support ticket you can fill out. You can put “N/A” or “Unknown” where applicable.

Seed Strain:
Type(Regular, Feminized, Autoflower):
Medium(soil in pots, DWC, Coco):
Size of container:
pH of water/solution before feeding:
pH of runoff in reservoir:
EC or PPM of water/solution before feeding:
EC or PPM of runoff in reservoir:
Indoor or Outdoor grow:
Light system(CFL, HID, LED):
Light power(If LED: actual watts, not advertised):
Temperature(Day and Night):
Humidity(Day and Night):
Ventilation system(Yes, No, Size, CFM):

Strain: unknown
Regular (she shows female preflowers).
Cannabis Organic craft soil (just Cannabis).
Plastic 20l pot.
PH before feeding is 6.
Runoff pH unknown.
Ec is unknown.
2x samsung 301h diode led (modugrow) actual watts 90w per light so… 180w in total.
35cm from plant.
Temp day 28 Celsius
Temp Night 24 Celsius (lights cycle is 24 / 0)
Ventalation yes. 580 CMH (m3/h) Flow rate.

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you may need to transplant it into a bigger pot.