Plant issues (hoop house)

Have one plant that suddenly started wilting, and a few others that have burnt tips. Any idea what may be causing these issues? ph water to between 6.3-6.5 ever watering, was watering daily have switched to every other day as I felt soil was too damp, any advice is appreciated

Are these planted in the ground? What medium are you using? The top one looks locked out and the little one looks nute burned

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what does locked out mean? using compost as a medium, growing in a 12’’ raised bed

If the soil ph is to high or low the plant can’t uptake the proper nutrients and your going to see deficiencies. If the soil is nutrient rich it may be to “hot” for the seedling. Are you able to catch any runoff from your waterings?


Makes sense, I appreciate the prompt response and I guess when you say catch any run off do you mean get a sample of it?

Yes. That’s the best way to know what your plant is working with. Proper ph and knowing just how nutrient rich (ppm) your soil is will help a lot

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I will do that, thanks again!

If you can’t collect runoff, you can make a slurry of the soil and test that

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The compost may be too hot, (nutrient rich) for the seedlings.
I use a nice mellow seedling specific soil to let them get established. Then, as I repot, I use gradually hotter soil.
Seedling mix—> fox farms happy frog—-> fox farms ocean forest.

any ideas on this as well?