Plant is super bushy and branch getting no light

Hello, plant is under ts1000 she is so bushy the little branches are stating to wilt no light under them

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Sounds counter intuitive, but what she needs is less light. Backing the light off will encourage the plant to stretch out and will leave more room between nodes, branches, leaves,…


I have raised the light up it was at around 18 notches now it is at 23 intches

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You can get pretty aggressive with bending the fan leaves around and tucking them out of the way. In a pinch I don’t hesitate to pull a fan leaf or two off my vegging plants if they are bumping into another plant or the side of the tent or blocking too much other growth I want getting light. Use leaf removal early on as a last resort though.


Topping the plant will also encourage the lower branches to grow outwards and allow a little more light in the canopy, but will slow down vertical growth quite a bit until you start flowering, assuming they are not auto’s.

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If that plant is hurting for light with 10 or 12 leaves on it, whats it gonna be like when its 3 feet tall?