Plant is stretched like crazy!

Yes sir that’s it brother

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Hey brother, how’s your day been?

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I can’t wait I’m super excited!

It’s been an odd one. Woke up feeling under the weather. It’s finally starting to get better now, almost 12 hours and a solid 5 hours of random naps later. I went home for lunch and passed out for 2 hours.

My plants will need extra tlc tonight if I can find the energy to do it, they needed water this AM and definitely didn’t get any.

It’s actually been going ok brother. I’m still grieving over the loss of Melissa, but the days get a little easier day by day. I still miss her like crazy, words can’t describe how bad my heart hurts. Growing helps but I haven’t been able to cause in all the commotion I don’t know where the few I had left went. I can’t thank you enough for helping me out man.

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How you doing man? Did you ever get a chance to send those out?

Doin’ good. Mail will be going out Friday. I had an emergency grow cleaning and de-bugging last night. Aphid infestation. Ugh

Damn man I’m sorry to hear that

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How you doing bro?

Holy Schnikeys…normally not an advocate of pyrethrins…but there’s a time, place and need.

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Probably one of the worst days in the past five years.

Don’t worry. Mail is going out. I didn’t do fancy tracking this time so I’m not sure how long it’ll take. Hopefully not long.

Yeah, this was one of those moments I just couldn’t. Honestly will be doing one more in a few days for good measure. Anything near the middle or end of flower was harvested to avoid major risk.

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I hear you brother, the holidays this year are going to suck without Melissa :disappointed: